Wrights of Texas Salsa
Wrights of Texas Salsa

Real Texas Flavor

All fresh, all-natural from our kitchen to you. Enjoy!

Wright of Texas Salsa

Fresh Salsa Texas Roots Hot Sauce

WRIGHTS OF TEXAS Fresh Red Salsa was developed from an old San Antonio "home-style" family recipe. Our friends and family have enjoyed it for over 25 years. This traditional salsa, when cooked with rice or beans, adds spice to any meal! Mixed with ground beef, makes a beautiful meatloaf.

WRIGHTS OF TEXAS Fresh Green Salsa is a refreshing blend of avocado, tomatillo, and cucumber. Its versatility transcends the traditional chips and salsa. Our customers enjoy it with fish tacos, or as a salad dressing, marinade, or sandwich spread.

San Antonio Texas Salsa Recipe

WRIGHTS OF TEXAS Fresh Salsas are available in Red or Green, and two sizes, 16 oz., and 32 oz. and three varieties, Mild, Medium, and Hot Habanero (for those who like it a little spicier!). More recipes and products are also currently under development by our R&D Group.

Handmade Hot Sauce Fresh Salsa

The gourmet flavor of WRIGHTS OF TEXAS Fresh Salsa is handcrafted the old-fashioned way, using only the freshest produce, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, best-tasting salsa on the market today!

Hot Sauce Fresh Salsa Cold Shipped

All of our salsas are raw and gluten-free. There are no added sugars, artificial preservatives, or vinegar. They are refrigerated from the time we make them until they reach you, AND we don't make it until you order them!

We are sure that once you taste WRIGHTS OF TEXAS Fresh Salsa, you will never be satisfied with anything else!

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Wrights hot sauce is all natural with no preservatives, and can be shipped fresh to your door. This is the best Texas Fresh Salsa available, from a 30 year old San Antonio Family recipe. Our fresh salsa is all fresh, all natural, and cold shipped directly from our kitchen to yours. Fresh salsa, Texas hot sauce, salsa, Wrights, Wrights of Texas, Wrights hot sauce, salsa, habanero, hot pepper sauce. The best hot sauce from a 30 year old San Antonio Family recipe. This Texas hot sauce is all fresh and natural and can be shipped directly from our kitchen to you or purchased locally in the Texas area.